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Frequently Asked Questions

We will be updating our FAQ page soon with more information about us and also for users and businesses to learn more about using the site.

What/Who is Secret Photo List?

Secret Photo List was created by Eric Hopf. First concived after he his first serious assisting gig in New York City. This was around 2004 with a photog who had his own studio. This professional photographer learned from some of the previous generation’s well known photographers, such as Scavullo. At the studio he was educated in the way things were done traditionally, the Analog way. During this time of being an assistant/partial studio manger, Eric aided with the transition of the studio from analog (35mm, medium and large format) to digital cameras. After seeing more photographers still utilizing Rolodexes of contacts & resources and later learning about the Los Angles area publication Debbie’s Book, Eric thought if everything was moving digital, so should these resources. This site is the 4th iteration of the site that was never fully launched as Eric was unable to achieve the searchable database SPL was always envisioned to be, a deep searchable database. We believe that this has now been achieved. Yes, there are other resources out there to help with your production. We find most only list those businesses able to afford serious advertisement and this means they aren’t much help for those with smaller budgets or are not deeply searchable or they are static lists that need to be sifted through. In the vain of the widely used 21st century motto, “Information should be free,” the plan is to accumulate as many resources as possible and allow businesses to list their services for free with a basic listing. We support businesses so you can frequent them and depend on them for your production needs now and in the future. 

How to register

Click on the Submit menu option and use Facebook or enter your details in the fields in the Register area and accept Secret Photo List’s Terms and Conditions. After registering, you will be emailed a randomly generated password. This helps to reduce the amount of spam on the site. 

How to submit your business

After registering, you can click on the Submit menu option and enter your details in the fields in the login area. You will be forwarded to your profile page. There is a pop-up window that will aid you in understanding the profile page and allow you to change the password. Please fill in your details to assist the Secret Photo List team in the event they need to contact you in the future. You can then add your listing, again when you click on Submit New, there will be an informative pop-up window to help you understand the submission screen. After the listing is approved, you can login and see how many times your page has been viewed in the last 7 days. In the near future, we will offer featured listing options as well as banner advertisements. Production personnel are also able to register to leave feedback on the listed resources.

How to submit a listing

More to come!

We are working hard to add more resources and improve the site. The plan is to expand once the kinks are worked out of the beta version. We welcome your input, both positive comments and critiques. Good shooting!